Hmmm… Clear the Debris

Driving past the family home as gloomy grayish blue clouds dim the brilliance of the autumn leaves, I noticed a piece of garbage in one of the flowerbeds. Making a mental note to stop on my way from work to pick up the unsightly litter, a whispering voice floated through my brain.

What are you doing about the messy state you allowed yourself to be in the last few months? What are you doing about the scattered indifference to the enjoyed interests that once reminded you of Me? I know you are grieving. However, you allow circumstances around you to dictate how you feel and respond.  Wake up! Change your focus. I Am still here. Clear the debris and enjoy Me.


Hmmm… Moment of Clarity

Despite the ugliness of Alzheimer’s with its thievery, the soul of the person remains. Thankfully, God does not forget and knows we need those brief reminders, those moments of clarity that give us a snippet of respite from an otherwise devastating thief. (Isaiah 42:16, Isaiah 43:1-3)

Winter’s Jewels


I love my jewels of winter! Hmmm… How more brilliant are the gates, streets, and walls of Heaven? Will I care when I get there? Will His brilliance outshine them all? (Revelation 21)

Happy New Year!


Standing on the Beach

Today I am thinking of childhood vacations at Barnegat Light, NJ with Great-Uncle Everett and his family.  Why, I do not know. Maybe it is the desire to feel giddy with anticipation while standing with our backs to the surf once again. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. What is so exciting about knowing you are about to be taken under water? There is nothing fun about seawater and sand rushing up your nose as the surf violently rolls you onto the beach. Yet, stand there we did as Great-Uncle Everett encouraged us “don’t look”. Don’t look to see the next wave coming, don’t look to see how big or forceful it is, don’t look.  In the not looking, we just trusted, trusted that after each wipeout, he would be there smiling as he grasped our hand as we attempted to ready ourselves for the next breaker. In that grasp was the promise of surprising fun as the seaward pull of water away from the shore carried with it the fear of the next wipeout.

As we stand on the beach of 2013 with the surf of 2014 tickling our feet, do we catch the next wave with excited anticipation or fear the undertow of past failures and defeat?


Hmmm… Stones of Remembrance


Wow! Yesterday felt like an archeological dig after six hours of unearthing treasures from the attic and other spaces to move out to the garage for this weekend sale. And, we are not done yet!

The fun part of this excavation is dating the “jewels” and placing them in historical context. Ahhh… the memories! Each artifact raises warmhearted recollections of its previous owner and the special place he/she held within the family.

Is this what the Israelites felt when placing memorial stones along the banks of the Jordan? (Joshua 4:20-24)

Hmmm… My Fortune in Yesterday’s Cookie

My fortune in yesterday's cookie.

My fortune in yesterday’s cookie.

Well, this does not say I will have the blessings of wealth as Chinese tradition believes. It only says how long to expect the god of wealth to be with me. But for 10 years. Really, is that all?

Thankfully, the One True God who knows all about me, including everything I need, is with me always . (Isaiah 46:9, John 14:6, Psalm 139:1-6, Philippians 4:19, Psalm 139:7-10)