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Hmmm… Moment of Clarity

Despite the ugliness of Alzheimer’s with its thievery, the soul of the person remains. Thankfully, God does not forget and knows we need those brief reminders, those moments of clarity that give us a snippet of respite from an otherwise devastating thief. (Isaiah 42:16, Isaiah 43:1-3)


Hmmm… The Vanishing Christmas Carolers

The Christmas tree lights are glowing softly. Logs are ablaze in the fireplace. The scent of pine wafts from boughs decorating the mantle. Snow is softly blanketing the landscape in the twilight. Shhh… you can just about hear it. From a distance Oh, Holy Night echoes faintly and slightly off-key from a distance down the road. With brief pauses and increasing volume, the joyful musical sound flows into Joy to the World, O Come All Ye Faithful, and Jingle Bells and other Christmas carols ending with We Wish You a Merry Christmas as it travels along to serenade the neighbors beyond.   Shhh… where has the tradition of Christmas Carolers gone?  It seems to be vanishing.

Hmmm… Ornaments of Life

Walking into any store this time of year will have me gravitating to the tree-trimming aisle with intense enthusiasm.  The colorful sparkly baubles have always held an unknown fascination for me. Flitting across my memory banks are recollections of sitting amongst boxes of ornaments on the living room floor. With the revealing of each timeless treasure, flashes of wonder and excitement flickered across my face that eventually burst to joy as an ordinary conifer was transformed into an object of beauty to be enjoyed and admired. Hmmm…as believers in Jesus Christ, we are His special treasures, His jewels (Malachi 3:17) and have trimmings that adorn His message. These ornaments of life are prayer, speech, attitudes, thoughts, and actions, character and integrity.  Do we live in such a way that we embellish or tarnish His significance? (Philippians 1:27) How sparkly are your ornaments of life?


Oh, take this life, this life of mine

(To thee, O God, ’tis freely given),

And polish it, that it may shine,

And ornament thy Word divine.

~ Charles Ebert Orr, How to Live a Holy Life