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Hmmm… Moment of Clarity

Despite the ugliness of Alzheimer’s with its thievery, the soul of the person remains. Thankfully, God does not forget and knows we need those brief reminders, those moments of clarity that give us a snippet of respite from an otherwise devastating thief. (Isaiah 42:16, Isaiah 43:1-3)


Hmmm… Sleep Tight

How well do you sleep at night?

That question is a norm in my life these days with its unusual stresses attacking from every side like hungry parasites. Yet, I find myself not thinking so much about the stress but about how to respond to it.

Am I giving 100% of my best with the resources I have at hand? Am I doing what is right or what makes others and me comfortable?

If I can answer “yes” to these questions each night, then I can expect the quality of my sleep to be peaceful which will influence my response to the next day’s pressures. On the other hand, if my answer is anything but positive, will my forty winks be any less rejuvenating? Will the frenzied feeding on my psyche increase in irritation? Not necessarily, as the next day holds a new opportunity to fight more effectively than the day before. (Psalm 3, Philippians 4:13)

So, in the words of a former client, “May you sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. And, if they do, bite their heads off!”

Hmmm… Retreat – Not a Bad Thing

A note to self found in the margin of my Bible.

A note to self found in the margin of my Bible.


This I must remind myself of daily otherwise, how can I expect to cope with the challenges and opportunities of life if I don’t back away every now and then for rest, reflection, and, most of all, prayer? Even Jesus realized it is not a bad thing to retreat from life’s pressures for spiritual, physical, and mental refreshment so He could do His best for others. (Luke 5:12-16)

Who am I to think I do not need to do the same?

Hmmm… An Introduction

I am at a loss for words on introducing you to this new blog except to say, I believe God anoints it with His blessing for His glory. Why? Because it covers a topic we rarely read about and often do not consider one worthy of our grief, but is worthy of His.

Perfect Joy Ministries, Inc.

Welcome to Perfect Joy Ministries’ Online!  Our desire is to be a place for healing and growth for those dealing with the sorrow, guilt, pain, heartache, anger, fear, and countless other emotions following infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and other early infant loss.  We want to bring tangibility and legitimacy to your grief, and also show you how you can find peace and hope through these seemly tragic circumstances.  We pray that you will find everlasting joy, as we seek to share the absolute truth found in God’s Word.

Our goal is to have weekly topical devotionals, as well as other helpful advice and relevant stories, testimonies, and quotes to encourage you throughout the week.  We look forward to starting the Bible study soon.  If you are interested in the Bible study and you haven’t already, please, send us your email address.  This will allow us to send you information for the…

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Hmmm… The Subject of Your Meditation

After reading over at Christian Coffeeshop, I remembered a post I made in 2011 on another blogging platform.

meditation -noun: continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.

Meditation. This word came up in conversation today and I have been pondering on it since. What does this word mean? What does it involve? Is it the practice of introspection and self-empowerment, as believed and performed by Eastern religions? Or is it setting our whole mind and spirit in a proper mood for encountering God, for thinking about Him and all that He is? (Psalm 63:1-8)

Who or what is the subject of your meditation?

Why not take the time to cruise on over to Christian Coffeeshop , sit down and grab a cup? I’m sure you will find some practical wisdom in the answers to the questions posed above.

Hmmm… Stressed = Desserts

Used by permission http://www.quantumscale.com

“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, which is not a good thing for a stress-eater like me. Oh, another hmmm just popped in; it’s time to chew on it for a bit.”

That reply to mtsweat caused my pondering, why eat stress? Why consume that which has a detrimental effect on my health? Stress-eaters munch, chomp, and gobble even when not hungry, craving food when stress is unrelenting. The bodily and mental tension caused by the daily challenges of life affect us all by disturbing our equilibrium leaving us anxious, depressed, fearful, exhausted, and overweight. Yes, you read correctly, overweight; not from devouring everything in the pantry, but from the release of the hormone cortisol. When under intense pressure, cortisol gives us the energy to handle the nerve-racking situation. However, it also raises blood sugar levels causing the release of insulin, which can cause us to store more fat. So, instead of running for that dessert, or for this muncher the crunchy carbs, why not choose to grab a plateful of His Word; leisurely chewing and swallowing His goodness for its nourishing benefits.